May 23, 2019



Commentary for May 23, 2019:

Of course, Silky doesn’t go to finishing school. She’s at a regular public highschool in Station Square right now, after all. But hey, never let the truth get in the way of a good quip at the expense of the rich and powerful, I guess? It’s all good-natured ribbing. Sonic’s not a jerk after all (because this is not Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic).

I don’t think I’ll be using the Death Egg Robot a lot. A couple of appearances here and there are fine, but regular use is unlikely, as I need to assemble the pieces into a pose every time, which is a little more time consuming than I’d like. Plus, if I over-used it, it wouldn’t be special, would it? Although, to be fair, being the first zone boss in Sonic Mania already kinda diminishes its importance, I guess.

Once again, the Metal Sonic sprites used here were created by CyberShadow.

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