October 17, 2019



Commentary for October 17, 2019:

Like with the first scene depicted on page 10, the first scene here was important for me to include, because I wanted it to be clear that the Echidna Empire had taken the warp rings and used them to escape. That way, the next time they appear will make sense (and, yes, they will appear in the next season and more-or-less every season of Eon's World Vol. 1 going forward really).

This is different to how it was done in Eonís Comic. Shadow pretty much beat up all the personnel Sora-Ya had with her and then threw her off the island. I established when she returned later that she had stolen the warp rings and that was how sheíd survived -- by going through one, rather than falling to her death. But since Iím not killing her in this chapter, I didnít think it was necessary to even tease it. Plus, itís out of character for Shadow, as Iíve re-written him, to do something so needlessly vindictive. So, instead, Sora-Ya gets out with her followers through one of the rings sheís stolen.

But whyíd I do it the other way in the original? Well, I canít quite remember my thought process (I have slept since then, after all), but I believe I wanted there to be some closure in that story arc, which ended in Eonís Comic #50. I wanted that to be a place where the story could technically end. Now, there were many loose ends still, as it happened, and I didnít end the story or even take a break at that time. I just carried on and it wasnít long at all before the Echidna Empire was back. I just enjoyed writing them too much, and that at least hasnít changed a bit.

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