September 5, 2019



Commentary for September 5, 2019:

So, with the chapter over, you know what that means! Itís time to compare it with the original version of this story, which was told in Eonís Comic #33 through #35 at the end of January, 2003.

This is another case of me having kept the essence of the original story, while making a great deal of changes to the specific details. In the original, of course, Blaze the Cat was not present (and nor was Cream the Rabbit for that matter). Instead, it was Renamon who fought Shadow. You may recall from my Chapter 11 commentary that at the end of 2002, I used the Echidna Empireís meddling with the Master Emerald as a pretext to introduce characters from alternate universes (i.e. other franchises), which included Digimon. That led to a story in which Renamon, bored with staying hidden at Eonís home, went in search of some action and ended up getting into a fight with Shadow, until Sonic showed up with Amy and Tails (plus Eon and Silky) and drove him off. Since Iíve nixed the Digimon stuff for Eonís World, I needed someone else to fight Shadow if I was going to do a remake of this story, which I need to in order to do this Shadow arc. Fortunately, instead of Renamon, we have Blaze.

Since I didnít want Sonic and Blaze to meet like this, I needed to change things up a bit so that Sonic would arrive after Blaze had been taken out of the fight somehow, which is why Shadow pulled that stunt with Chaos Control. (Of course, he believed he was outright murdering her, and most likely still thinks she fell to her death. Heíll be surprised if and when he meets her again.)

I also changed Shadowís motivation, as I mentioned on the commentary for page 14.07. Originally, Shadowís motivation wasnít clear. It seemed like he wanted revenge, but he didnít articulate it very well. This time, Iíve made sure to really spell out what heís thinking, so his actions can better be understood. He thinks that, after his heel-face turn at the end of Sonic Adventure 2, when he chose to save the world rather than destroy it, Sonic willingly left him to die, and he wants revenge for that betrayal. It really is that simple, and there is not going to be anything more sinister or complex to it during this story arc, which will carry us to the end of Eonís World Vol. 1ís first season.

But those changes aside, like I said, this chapter maintains the essence of the original story. Shadow, in an effort to draw out Sonic, attacks the Presidential estate, fights a powerful opponent, followed by a fight with Sonic, finally deciding to withdraw when Sonicís allies show up.

The next chapter, in what is actually the first example of this since the first four chapters, will basically continue the story where this one leaves off, so come back tomorrow to find out if Blaze catches up with Sonic!

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