July 18, 2019



Commentary for July 18, 2019:

New chapter time! This one will correspond with the story from Eon's Comic #14 and #15, from December 6 and 8, 2002 and it will be the closest to the original version so far. Indeed, some of the scenes on this very page are exact re-creations of scenes from the original. But, as usual, Iíll save the big comparison for the final page, next Friday.

Anyway, you may recall that, at the end of Chapter 4, Iago reported that his men had found a bunch of small arms aboard the ARK. The long and short of that is that the Imperials have a lot more guns now. I didnít want to just give them the same rifles and pistols that GUN uses, however, since the weapons aboard the ARK have been there for fifty years. I know, actual military firearms havenít changed that much in fifty years, but I wanted there to be some real distinction between what GUN has now and what they had then. So I took some weapons from Metal Slug and reworked them a touch for the Imperials to use.

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