August 8, 2019



Commentary for August 8, 2019:

All hail Shadow.

So, when I first made Eonís Comic, I didnít actually have any long term plans or direction until I reached page #25, in which the Echidna Empire inadvertently resurrected Shadow the Hedgehog using the Master Emerald. From there, I had my first long term plan, which carried me through to Eon's Comic #50, and it was a bit of a sea change for the comic, because I had long term plans from that point onwards. Because of the significance of that moment, I wanted to do it justice in this remake, and Iím really quite pleased with this page, especially the use of close-ups in panels 2 and 3.

Originally, Iíd never planned to feature Shadow in Eonís Comic. I didnít like him. I felt that his story arc was disappointing; he was a villain only up until Amy talked him out of it and then suddenly he was a good guy. At that time, I wouldíve preferred that he remain a villain, that the hurt done to him be too great for him to be talked around. And thatís actually why I originally ďresurrectedĒ him, so I could write a ďbetterĒ Shadow story where he was a straight up villain, who was irredeemable and could only be permanently defeated by death. While I do plan to follow the same basic arc here, I also plan to make it a little more complicated, since itís been eighteen years since Sonic Adventure 2 and Iím well over that disappointment now. In fact, Iíve come to appreciate Shadow, mostly from how he was written in Archie Sonic, to be fair, but his game appearances following Sonic Adventure 2, honestly, werenít as bad as I feared. In fact, I think the games gave him a pretty good character arc.

Anyway, this has been an interesting chapter to plan, to write, and to put together. Iíve described it as a Frankenstein story, because itís actually stitched together from three separate pages from both the original Eon's Comic and the remaster I did last year. First, there was the 2018 remastered version of Eon's Comic #23, of which I used every single panel and even added a few extra ones to pad out that part of the story a bit more -- thatís all the stuff related to Blaze and how she wound up on Earth. Secondly, there was a small bit of the Eon's Comic #17, which was Sonic running into Amy and agreeing to go to her party. That was the most changed from the original, since Iíve chosen to dispense with any romantic overtones between Sonic and Amy, but I was quite faithful to some of the original imagery and re-used some of Sonicís thoughts from the 2018 remaster of that page. And finally, as I already mentioned, this last scene with the Echidna Empire and Shadow is adapted from Eon's Comic #25.

So why did I stitch all these stories together with some scenes of Sonic and Tails on the trail of a mystery they fail to solve? Well, in the original, what Horatio was doing with the Master Emerald caused characters from alternate realities to be brought into this world, which had to later be resolved. These ďalternate realitiesĒ were actually other franchises, namely Digimon and Transformers, as well as the SatAM version of Sonic. Well, since Iíve incorporated the Archie/SatAM cast into Eonís World as regular characters, that SatAM crossover wasnít going to work this time, which is why I substituted Blaze instead -- something Iíd been considering retconning in since at least 2011, possibly earlier. And since Iíve decided to restrict what Eonís World includes to just four different franchises rather than whatever strikes my fancy, I needed to excise the Digimon and Transformers stuff from it, too. As a result, I needed to restructure things a little bit at this point and felt that wrapping up what little fun with portals was now left into a single chapter in which both Blaze and Shadow appear was the best idea. And heck, might as well make it the Christmas story, too.

This wonít be the last Frankenstein story either, I expect. Anyway, tomorrow, weíll be re-joining Eon and Silky.

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