September 20, 2019

Content Warning: violence, blood, death


Commentary for September 20, 2019:

So, it might seem like a bit of an oversight, but the ARK doesn’t have any external weapons (well, apart from the Eclipse Cannon, which is broken, and way too big to aim at a ship with any reasonable hope of actually hitting it anyway). Although it was used for military research back in the day, it was never meant to be a military base. It was a science station. Yes, it’s true that the Eclipse Cannon was secretly built inside it, but the keyword is “secretly”. Since it was, officially, a civilian station with a peaceful mission, it wasn’t build to ward off military attacks. If there were such threats to the station, a squad of space fighters could be stationed aboard to defend it, but it never had defensive gun turrets, lasers, or missile launchers installed. This is why Iago asks, “With what?” when Sora-Ya orders him to shoot down the incoming shuttles.

For the record, I’m not writing any of the villains for Eon’s World Vol. 1 to be sympathised with. But that doesn’t mean they need to be pure evil and always do the worst possible thing. Sora-Ya’s not so proud that she can’t see the writing on the wall here; she won’t order no retreat and force her followers to die by the score for her. As has been established, she considers any loss of echidna life to be a tragedy (it’s why she won’t kill Knuckles), so if it’s a choice between her pride and her people, her people win every time. Don’t think for a moment that this is an endearing characteristic, though. It isn’t. Sora-Ya is motivated largely by her belief in the superiority of the echidna race. It is their superiority next to other species that makes any of their deaths tragic. She wouldn’t hesitate to kill any other species by the thousands for the sake of her pride, but not her own people.

Would she make the same decision if she weren’t so haughty? Well, she’s no idiot. She’s smart enough to recognise when she’s lost, so I expect she would. But if she were less haughty, maybe she wouldn’t be trying to bring about an age of echidna dominance on Earth?

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