May 2, 2019



Commentary for May 2, 2019:

Perhaps it would have been easier just to not name any political parties or philosophies and be really unspecific about what differentiates the candidates, like a lot of fiction does when it touches on politics. That way you don’t alienate any potential audience members by saying, “You! Yeah, you! Your politics are bad and you should feel bad!” and everyone can just imagine that crinkly old senator who wants to shut down the Stargate project to belong to whichever party they like least. But I think that’s kind of cowardly and not very believable.

Anyway, all you really need to know about the parties is basically this: The Conservatives are economically right-wing and socially conservative. The Progressives are economically left-wing and socially progressive. The Social Democrats are economically centre-right, and socially centrist with a slight bend towards authoritarianism.

Anyway, since this election is essentially a brand new story, more recent events in politics naturally have influenced it. If you want to look at Samanfur the Fox as being a Bernie Sanders vs. the Hillary Clinton of Harold Mortimer, that’s a valid interpretation. After all, both are preferable to the Donald Trump of Marvolo Howard, but one might be a more ideal choice than the other.

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