June 19, 2019



Commentary for June 19, 2019:

Did I mention that I actually find a character like Bean really tricky to write? Iíve described him as ďlol so randomĒ in the Archie Sonic comics (which Iím cribbing from for both him and Bark) and itís not a characterisation my writing style easily lends itself to; humour is not my strongest skill, after all. I guess thatís why Iíve borrowed bits and pieces of lines from other characters in pop culture who are generally portrayed as somewhat unhinged. Maybe Iíll get better at it. Maybe.

Anyway, a note on the image displayed on the screen in panel 3. If you played Sonic Forces, you may recognise that as the symbol of the Resistance. The closest thing to a symbol the Freedom Fighters had in Archie Sonic was the flag of the House of Acorn, but that doesnít really work in this setting, which is why I borrowed this symbol to represent the Freedom Fighters. Am I saying that one day the Freedom Fighters go on to become a global resistance against a tyrannical regime? Well, check back in a few years, I guess.

Also, the yellow Egg Mobile type vehicle there is an attempt to render Nack's hover bike from Sonic Triple Trouble, the Marvelous Queen as a sprite. It is heavily edited from a Sonic Advance Egg Mobile. I think I did an okay job of it.

Credits: Rotor sprites by DarkBurraki and NinjaRaccoon. Bean sprites by SuperMario2467. Bark sprites by Cylent Nite.

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