July 12, 2019



Commentary for July 12, 2019:

So, while I havenít completely ruled out the idea of MegaDrive era Badniks like the Egg Robo playing a significant role in Eggmanís forces yet, Iím certainly leaning towards the idea that theyíre old, retired models at this point. On the other hand, Badniks from the Sonic Advance series (which are very similar to the Sonic Adventure Badniks) are the more current models (and will, in turn, be phased out in favour of later models as this series progresses). Also, since Mega Man isn't a part of Eonís World like it was in Eon's Comic, I may draw upon a few enemies from that series to fill out the Badnik ranks in some instances, too.

Iím really quite pleased with how this page turned out. There isnít much else to say, really.

Credit to FroggyMudd for the Charmy sprites.

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