July 29, 2019



Commentary for July 29, 2019:

If you read any of my first pass at remastering Eonís Comic last year, then this page may look very familiar to you. With the exception of panel 1, it is a shot-for-shot re-creation of the first five panels of the 2018 version of Eon's Comic #23, and tomorrowís page will continue with that (at least to begin with). So, in that respect, this was a really easy page to write and even easier to assemble the panels (since I already did it last year and very few changes were actually needed).

Anyway, when I was first writing Eonís Comic late in 2002, Blaze the Cat didnít even exist yet, so most of the stories involving her are new content (well, newish; I did create her entire first story arc for Eonís World about a year ago now when I tried to remaster Eon's Comic, so they're not new in that respect). Although, in some cases (including this chapter, as you will see), Iím rolling some old stories that were originally separate into the same chapters for this remaster, and on at least two occasions, Blaze is going to be brought into those stories, for reasons Iíll elaborate on later. This is the first actual example of a chapter made out of stories that were originally separate but Iíve decided to stitch together like this -- Frankenstein chapters, I think I'll call them -- but it definitely wonít be the last. Itíll make more sense to explain it all in greater detail at the end of this chapter, however.

Of course, I'd be remiss if I wrapped up this commentary without saying something about the name of the planet on this page. Some of you may recognise Avalice as the setting of the Freedom Planet games and, yes, this is supposed to be that same Avalice. The worlds of Sonic the Hedgehog and Starfox are both canon settings in Eonís World (and I guess the Galaxy Far Far Away from Star Wars is, too, not that it will ever be particularly relevant to the story) and I made a decision while planning this remake to also include the world of Freedom Planet. Given that Freedom Planet started its development as a Sonic fangame before being stripped of anything explicitly Sonic so it could be sold as an original title, it seems perfectly reasonable to me that Avalice could exist in the same universe as Sonicís world. But why is Blaze there? Is Blaze from Avalice in Eonís World?

Yes. She is.

I donít strictly follow any one Sonic continuity and some elements of Eonís World flagrantly contradict all of them. This is one example of that. And thatís fine. This isnít meant to follow any official Sonic canon. Itís a fangirlís idealised version of Sonic, with a few other franchises thrown in, largely as a vehicle for her own characters and stories, letís be honest. So I decided to nix the idea of Blaze being from an alternate reality and instead had her be from a distant planet (very distant -- 47,263 light-years puts her squarely on the far side of the galactic core). Originally, it wasnít going to be Avalice, but another planet altogether. I couldnít think of a decent name for it, though. I thought of Aquaria or Aquarius, given the prominence of oceans and sailing on Blazeís world where we have seen it in official media. But since Iíd already decided to include Avalice, I didnít really want another important planet whose name began with an A. I would have come up with something, Iím sure. But then I thought, why not just have Blaze be from Avalice? Iím sure I can fit her into that setting without breaking anything, after all. And even if I do, itís just one fangirlís idealised version of the setting, isnít it?

So there you go. Blaze the Cat, at least in Eonís World, is from the same planet as Sash Lilac, Carol Tea, and Milla Basset. Are they contemporaries of each other? Almost certainly, yes. But I donít believe the events of either Freedom Planet game have occurred yet at this time in Eonís World Vol. 1. However, they will have most certainly occurred by the time of Eonís World Vol. 2. And yeah, that does mean that the planet we saw on this page of Vol. 2 is Avalice.

Fun fact: the image used for the planet Avalice was originally how Earth appeared in Eonís Comic from 2006 onwards (although I turned it upside down to make it less obvious). That depiction was based on the world map seen briefly in 2005ís Shadow the Hedgehog. When no subsequent Sonic game followed that map, I decided to heck with it and made Earth geographically accurate when I began work on Eon's World Vol. 2, which is why that is also the case in Vol. 1. But hey, I still have all the assets I used to make Eon's Comic, donít I? I may as well use them. Waste not, after all.

Credits: Blaze the Cats sprites originally by Kaijin.

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