April 18, 2019



Commentary for April 18, 2019:

If I was going to have the destruction of the Moon depicted in Eonís World, I absolutely had to work Doctor Eggmanís broadcast into it. Being the vain and self-absorbed would-be-tyrant he is, I figured Eggman would find a way to hack the airwaves and have his broadcast running on a loop until he was satisfied the whole world knew what heíd done. Of course, what was never touched on in Sonic Adventure 2 is whether or not anyone was killed in this attack. SA2 doesnít suggest the Moon is inhabited, as it largely appears to have a very contemporary setting. But then, it also has advanced military robots and mechs and a space colony, built inside a hollowed out asteroid at least fifty years earlier. Now, when SA2 came out, space flight wasnít even fifty years old yet. So this is, honestly, how Iíve always justified the futuristic setting of Eonís World (over fifty thousand years in the future, actually) and the readily available space travel, which would presuppose that the Moon is most likely inhabited. So, heck, I made that the case and, with it, the tragic loss of a least a million lives during this attack. I think people tend to look at Eggman and see a bumbling oaf. But when I look at him, I see a man who was willing to destroy the Moon just to make a statement and to wipe entire nations off the map next, too. Doctor Eggman is dangerous and people underestimate him at their peril.

Eonís parents didnít originally appear in Eonís Comic until about five years into the its run, and his mother only appeared in one story arc. His father, being a prominent senator, appeared in a few more stories, but only really in his capacity as a senator and not as a father. So, this has been an interesting story to write. Eonís World hasnít really delved into family relationships all that often, but Eon is a kid at this point, and one with a frightfully normal life. So, it stands to reason that heís going to have some overbearing parents to deal with. (Yes, I know his parents are only acting like this because they love him, I get it.)

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