September 2, 2019



Commentary for September 2, 2019:

So, I ran into a slight problem with this chapter while writing the script, which was that I didn’t want Sonic and Blaze to meet yet, but I knew I wanted Blaze to fight Shadow before Sonic could arrive (for reasons that will become clear when I do the comparison with the version of this story originally told in Eon’s Comic). So I had to contrive a way to get Blaze out of the picture, which is the reason for Shadow’s strategic use of Chaos Control on the previous page. Sonic and Tails catching a glimpse of Blaze falling to Station Square as a purple fireball is the closest they’ll get to meeting her just now.

Anyway, while doing this page, I realised something. There are no sprites of Vanilla actually doing anything. Lots of her standing around and some of her falling, but none of her doing basic things like walking. I went to the trouble of making a single sprite of her walking, but realised I was going to have to make a whole bunch of sprites of her, so I decided to quickly check and see if anyone had already done it. Many thanks to DannyRobson the IceFox for having done so. Vanilla’s not a character I intend to often feature in dangerous situations like this, but it’s good to have a few useful sprites on the rare occasions that I do.

Finally, I should point out that the guards here are not GUN. They are Meridian National Defence Force, which is the national military of the Meridian Republic. GUN’s focus is global defence, but most nations also have their own local military for national defence (at least, at this time).

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