June 27, 2019



Commentary for June 27, 2019:

So, I said Knuckles would not be so easily fooled again, and that was true. After all, it took a lot of persuading to get him to agree to help Sora-Ya here. And even now, heís still suspicious and asking questions. But consider this: Knuckles thought he was the last echidna until now. Learning that other echidnas are still alive and could actually return to Angel Island and restore it to its former glory has got to deeply affect someone like him. So, despite his suspicions, heís willing to take a chance on trusting Sora-Ya. And it helps that she is actually being honest with him so far. Well, that is to say, everything she has told him so far has been the truth. She hasnít said anything about Brabanzioís team heading for the Master Emerald, of course, nor has she mentioned her plans to conquer the world. So, I suppose you could call those lies of omission. But otherwise, she hasn't actually tried to deceive Knuckles. Heck, she's even being upfront about her plans to militarise the island.

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