May 17, 2019



Commentary for May 17, 2019:

If you look at Chapter 1 of Eonís World Vol. 2, youíll see that what Iím doing with the SketchUp models in the first two panels here is basically what Iíd hoped to use SketchUp for there. But it never worked. After a lot of trial and error, I basically had to concede the fact that my SketchUp models served me best as guides for my line art and colouring, but they would never do as the final image. They just couldn't give me a shortcut to a good page in that art style. And thatís fine. Iíve accepted that, finally, as of Chapter 9. Going forwards, the models will only ever be guides, and never what you see on the final page.

That doesnít have to be so for Vol. 1, though. In fact, SketchUp models work quite well with sprites, and it allows for some more dynamic scenes like in panels 1 and 2 here. It also feels good to actually use some of the models I made but never managed to use in Vol. 2, like this shuttlecraft. I must have made this in, like, 2011, and it has literally never been used before this remaster. Also, check out that greebling on the underside of the ARK. Check it out, because I spent about four days making that model specially for Vol. 1, and I am going to make sure it was time well spent!

Finally, another note on the ages of characters. At this time, Eon is 16 and CJ is 18, as has been previously established. Needless to say, by the time of the most recent chapters of Vol. 2, which are set ten years later as of this writing, they are 26 and 28. But what about actual Sonic characters? You see, Sonicís official age, according to Sega, is 15. But, like characters in The Simpsons, he and the other game characters never get any older, despite how many adventures they have or how much the world they live in changes. Sonic had two birthdays in 24 years of Archie comics; the first raised his age to 16 and made no bones about it, but the second was a lot cagier about his exact age. (The book did, however, state unequivocally that Tails is 11 at one point, which conflicted with his official age of 8, according to Sega, but thatís neither here nor there.) My point is, Sonic characters donít officially age, despite moments like in Sonic Forces where Infinite remarks that Eggman has been fighting Sonic for ďdecadesĒ, which is literally impossible if Sonicís only 15.

So, naturally, I throw all this out. Sonic is 16 at this point in Eonís World. The Occupation of the Westside Archipelago happened the previous year, at which point the characters were their Sega official ages, but as time progresses in Eonís World, they will age along with everyone else. Which means Sonic is 26 by the time of the latest chapter in Vol. 2. (Of course, he has yet to appear in Vol. 2, but thatís beside the point.) Johnny and Bunnie can get away with calling Eon ďkidĒ because theyíre older than him. Iím calling it, theyíre 18 (and theyíre twins, so same age). At that age, two years seems like an eternity and is considered quite an age gap, still. Antoine is 24. Yes, I know that makes him a few years older than heís meant to be in the Archie comics, but this isnít the Archie comics, and he would need a bit older to have the backstory Iíve given him. More on that later.

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