August 27, 2019



Commentary for August 27, 2019:

What the heck is that thing on Mortimerís desk? And why was it calling out to Cookirini? You may need to wait a while for the answer to those questions. Sorry. But they will come.

Anyway, I mentioned during her last appearance that Vanilla Rabbit is the Governor of Westside Archipelago, so here she is doing some Governor business. But, more importantly, Blaze is back! Of course, itís been over a month now, in-universe, since Blaze found herself on Earth, so why hasnít she gone after the Sol Emerald already? Well, she was hurled from a temperate environment on Avalice to downtown Metropolis in the middle of a blizzard and found unconscious in the snow, so I imagine she had a touch of pneumonia and had to be nursed back to health by Cream and Vanilla before she could do anything. But now that sheís recovered, sheís impatient to find the missing Sol Emerald and then find a way home.

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