June 10, 2019



Commentary for June 10, 2019:

I am extremely satisfied with that first panel. When I was first making models in Sketchup, that was the kind of shot I was hoping to be able to put together for Eonís Comic. In fact, this whole page is exactly what I was hoping to do eight years ago. Of course, by that time Iíd become tired of sprites and decided to move on to the art style you see now in Vol. 2 and I have no regrets about that. But I am pleased that an idea Iíd begun flirting with back in early 2011 now gets to be realised.

This page also marks the first ship introduced in Vol. 2 to get a Vol. 1 style sprite background interior. This is a Ganges class passenger shuttle, luxury variant, which first appeared in Vol. 2, Chapter 8. Itís not the first ship from Vol. 2 to be retconned into Vol. 1 via the remaster (that was the AT-30 Goliath heavy transport, which appears as early now as Chapter 1), but it is the first to get any of its interiors done like this.

Finally, I donít know if itís necessarily coming across, but I hope so. Mortimer is not meant to be a ďgood guyĒ. Heís a conniving, scheming, power hungry politician, who feels as if he is owed the presidency, as if itís his by right, like itís somehow his turn. Finding himself up against a challenger who might actually snatch away a victory that he felt assured of is really sticking in his craw. But he is not Marvolo Howard. Marvolo Howard is an objectively terrible person, who would do objectively terrible things if, God forbid, he were the President. Mortimer, on the other hand, is the kind of guy youíd hold your nose and vote for to stop a far worse person being elected. At least, he would be, if there werenít another option on the table.

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