August 9, 2019



Commentary for August 9, 2019:

I had an epiphany as I began work on this chapter, which made me realise that this whole Eonís World Vol. 1 project is not a remaster, as I originally intended. What I tried last year, that was a remaster. I took what was already there, cleaned it up, and made some general improvements, but apart from a handful of stories, I didnít fundamentally alter what was there. When you do that, as I am very clearly doing with this project, youíve gone well beyond a remaster to an outright remake, or a reimagining if weíre being generous. Either way, this project is far more akin to the 2004 remake of Battlestar Galactica than it is to the 1997 special edition version of the original Star Wars trilogy.  2004ís Battlestar Galactica had many of the same characters and hit upon some of the same story beats as the original 1978 series, but it was a fundamentally different show -- a lot darker, a lot more serious and, letís face it, way better written than the original. The special edition version of Star Wars just added in a few extra scenes, some better visual effects, and made Han shoot first, but it was basically still the same film trilogy.

So, in order to differentiate between versions, Iíve begun referring to the original 843 pages of sprite comic I created between October, 2002 and March, 2011 as Eonís Comic, never as Eon's World. This was what it was originally called, after all, and I only changed the name to Eonís World for literally the last 43 pages. It was at the point of writing this commentary that I decided the title Eonís World will refer exclusively to the current version (everything Iíve created since April, 2013, including this new sprite comic). And I have since gone back to edit the commentaries of the previous chapters to reflect that.

Anyway, enough of that. We have a new chapter, which is a complete remake of Eon's Comic #24, originally from January 7, 2003. As usual, Iíll do a full comparison between versions when we get to the final page of this chapter.

Right now, Iíd like to mention how surprisingly easy this page was. Castle Gemini, of course, became a very prominent setting throughout the run of Eon's Comic, so I created fresh assets for it right up to the end of the series and I still have them all. That meant I had very little work to do creating that establishing exterior shot in panel 1. Indeed, most of the work was in editing the great hall.  I have no intention of trying to make the castle in Vol. 1 look exactly like it does in Vol. 2, but I at least wanted the wood panelling thatís very prevalent inside the castle to be reflected here, and the hall was originally mostly stone. But after Iíd redecorated the hall, the rest was fairly easy.

Since itís a formal occasion, I naturally wanted to put Silky in a fancy dress and, again, I already had those sprites, so I was able to use them with very few alterations. As for Eon, I also had more-or-less an entire sprite sheet of him dressed in this white outfit with black boots and cloak. It wasnít actually an outfit that Eon started wearing until several years later in Eon's Comic, but I figured he needed to wear something fancy for a New Yearís ball at the royal palace of Britannia. I actually do have quite a selection of outfits available for Eon, too, since he went through quite a few costume changes in Eon's Comic. Undoubtedly, as Vol. 1 progresses, youíll see more of them, and Iíll probably even create a few new ones.

Finally, Ballista! Her original appearance in Eon's Comic wasnít until page #86, but she went on to become one of the most important characters in the series. It was because of that that I made the decision with the attempted remaster I did last year to bring her first appearance to this earlier point in the story. Iíll go into greater detail when I do the full on comparison, though. Like Silky, I already had a good selection of sprites to use, including one in a formal dress. I just changed the colour of it from blue to yellow, as a nod to Ballistaís early appearance in Eon's Comic. Ballista is also an OC belonging to an old friend, Tricia Bayfield and one of the very few whom Iíve chosen to keep in Eon's World.

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