April 26, 2019



Commentary for April 26, 2019:

Here begins a new chapter! But, as you may have noticed, thereís no title at the beginning, nor was there any text box promoting the next chapter at the end of the last one. In fact the only way to tell, assuming the context of the story didn't make it obvious (and without looking at the Vol. 1 archive) is to look at the page number. This is very deliberate. I did experiment with putting a title in on the first page of a chapter, but it just didnít fit the sprite format the way it fits in Vol. 2. Plus, I plan for new pages of Vol. 1 to be released continuously, except while I'm creating new Vol. 2 content, so I donít really feel itís necessary to put any kind of teaser at the end of a chapter. At most you will probably have a weekend to wait before the next one starts, after all. I guess itís just bad timing that Chapter 2 begins on a Friday, so the next page isnít until Monday. Still, thatís nothing compared to the Wednesday/Saturday update schedule of Vol. 2, eh? (I mean, when thereís a new chapter going up, that is.)

Anyway, we finally get round to some actual Sonic characters here! Yay! I do enjoy writing Doctor Eggman, it must be said. And you know what? Iíve found I rather enjoy writing Orbot and Cubot, too. Of course, when Eonís Comic began back in 2002, Orbot and Cubot didnít exist yet (I believe they debuted in Sonic Colours). Eggman had no lackeys to exposit, scheme, gloat, or complain at, and tended to just talk to himself in the games. But every other version of the character had lackeys. SatAM and Archie had Snively. AoStH had Scratch and Grounder (and occasionally Coconuts). Fleetway had Grimer. Sonic Underground had Sleet and Dingo. And Sonic X had Boco and Deco. And I felt a similar need when first writing Eon's Comic, so I had an Egg Robo and a Buzzbomber fill the roll. I guess someone at Sega was paying attention to all the other versions of Sonic and realised that Eggman could use some lackeys in the games, too, and thatís where Orbot and Cubot came from? In any case, theyíre good fun and I had been thinking about bringing them into Eonís World when I first started making plans to remaster Eon's Comic. It doesnít matter that they didnít exist at the time of Sonic Adventure 2, as I intend to move a lot of elements from Sonic lore around in the timeline. After all, continuity has never been Sonic's strength (at least, not in the games). Itís the benefit of hindsight, really, and while I will be re-telling most of the stories from the original Eonís Comic, Iím not going to pretend I wrote any of them as they are now back then. Itís a brave new Eonís World, folks.

Now, if youíve read Vol. 2, you may recognise the ship in panel 6. If not, Iím not going to link to the relevant page, because spoilers. In any case, Iím quite pleased with that last panel. Iím going to be using SketchUp models in the Vol. 1 quite liberally, because, hey! They work really well in this format, and I plan to milk that for all itís worth. Iím also quite pleased about getting to show off the excruciating levels of detail on the ARK model I made specially for this remake. I mean, if a job is worth doing, itís worth doing well, isnít it? Go big or go home.

Iíd like to point out, also, that the Doctor Eggman sprites I will be using in Eon's World Vol. 1 are one hundred a custom job by yours truly. I did use Eggmanís Sonic Advance sprites in Eonís Comic, but they were just ludicrously tall compared to any other characters, so I made an early decision to use these sprites exclusively, which are much closer in size to the other human sprites I use (which are largely custom, albeit derived from Mega Man Zero sprites). As for Orbot and Cubot, I did start out using some custom sprites someone else had made, but they weren't a good fit, so I made my own. It wasn't too much much trouble to stick arms and robot faces onto what are basically some simple geometric shapes, after all.

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