September 11, 2019



Commentary for September 11, 2019:

So, a note on terminology. ďMobianĒ refers to the anthropomorphic animal people living on Earth. Now, that word comes from the name ďMobiusĒ, which was the name of Sonicís world in many of the various Sonic fictions up until around about 2013, when the last holdout, the Archie Sonic comic was forced to reboot its continuity and drop that name. Now, Sonic Adventure 2 repeatedly refers to the planet Sonic lives on as Earth, and I ran with that in Eonís Comic and subsequently in Eonís World, too. I feel, at this point, that even if Iíd called the planet Mobius, it would just be Earth in the distant future (like in the Archie comics). Now, while Mobius was dropped from the Archie comics, the word ďMobianĒ, where it refers to anthropomorphic animals like Sonic wasnít, and itís that use of the word Iím going for here, primarily. That said, the word ďMobiusĒ is also be an alternate name for Earth, too; indeed, it was the name that Mobians knew their planet by thousands of years ago before humans came to dominate civilization there.

Anyway, all that aside, yes, more talk of the mysterious precursors. Obviously itís not just something Horatio is aware of; itís common knowledge that an ancient, technologically advanced civilization predates the civilizations of recorded history, but vanishingly little is known about them. Needless to say, conspiracy theories abound attributing so many unexplained things to them, and a lot of that is nonsense. But itís not necessarily unreasonable to suppose that the precursors are responsible for there being Mobians happily living on a faraway planet, when no civilization on Earth since the precursors has had the means to go there.

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