May 10, 2019



Commentary for May 10, 2019:

One of the biggest changes introduced by remaking the old Eon's Comic as Eonís World Vol. 1 is the inclusion of Sally Acorn and the Freedom Fighters. Eon's Comic was based solely on the Sonic games, so characters from other Sonic fiction rarely made any appearances, and if they did it was as dimensional travellers. I guess the reason for this at the time was that I was a bit of a Sega Sonic purist back then? I mean, I liked the comics by Fleetway and the old SatAM cartoon, and there were even elements of Sonic X, Sonic Underground and the Archie comics that I appreciated, but I made a conscious choice to base Eonís World primarily on the games. That is no longer true. It helps that Eonís Comic inevitably deviated from the canon of the games (if there is such a thing), but with Eon's World Vol. 1, Iíve decided to go with an idea I had as a teenager to create kind of an all-stars Sonic universe, which includes elements from multiple different fictions and not just the one. After all, there are some fantastic characters and concepts in other versions of Sonic and Iím not beholden to Sega to restrict what I use in my self-important fan comic to only the material they approve of. Hence why I took the Freedom Fighters (an idea that was present in SatAM, Archie, and Fleetway) and re-imagined them for Eonís World.

The Freedom Fighters are now part of Sonicís backstory in this series. The events of the first two Sonic games cover a period called the Occupation, when Doctor Eggman invaded the Westside Archipelago (South Island, Westside Island, etc.) in order to gather the resources to build the Death Egg as well as find the Chaos Emeralds. As seen in the games, Sonic beat him, but itís part of the Eonís World canon that there was also a local resistance -- the Freedom Fighters -- who fought against Eggman as well. Sonicís connection to the Freedom Fighters here is a bit more tenuous than in other media, as Sonic is characteristically a free spirit and canít be tied down with duties and responsibilities, and he certainly doesnít take orders. But they can always count on him to lend his aid if they need it. What matters is that, while Sonic was fighting his way through various zones to reach Eggman and destroy his doomsday weapons, the Freedom Fighters were basically fighting a war of liberation against Eggmanís Badnik army. Today the Freedom Fighters are a bit like the Avengers or the Justice League. Theyíre not tied to any government or the military; theyíre an independent group of heroes who will go into places the military canít or wonít go to right wrongs and punch bad guys.

But enough of that. Eon is still very young at this point and has very romantic ideas about heroism and fighting the good fight. Wishing he could have been at the Battle of Green Hill Zone is an example of his naivetť. To someone who wasnít there, war may sound glorious. To someone who was, it was probably hell.

There is a wee cameo by the avatar of Kompi in panel 1, who created a number of vehicle sprites that I used in Eonís Comic throughout the years (including the three seen in panels 1 and 2). Although I plan to use my SketchUp models for most ships and aircraft in this remaster, road vehicles will probably always be the kind that Kompi originally made.

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