September 16, 2019



Commentary for September 16, 2019:

So, remember how I said this chapter starting on a Friday was fine, because it basically continued immediately on from Chapter 14? Well, I canít say that this time, with it ending on a Monday. Sorry you had to wait all weekend for this final page!

Anyway, this is an interesting chapter to talk about in comparison to the original story from Eonís Comic, because there isnít a story in the original Eonís Comic to compare it to. The story it replaces was in pages #36 and #38 of Eonís Comic and they followed Sonic and friends meeting up with the dimensionally displaced SatAM Freedom Fighters. Since I brought Sally and the Freedom Fighters in as regulars during my initial remastering effort in 2018, however, that story had to go and thatís where the space for this Blaze the Cat arc was originally made. So, really, itís more apt for me to compare this chapter with the remastered version of those pages than the original, and there isnít a massive difference. The first three pages re-create the Eonís Comic #36 remaster almost verbatim. I just used the better sprites and changed the backgrounds to a wintery look rather than a generic summery look.

However, the last four pages are a little different to how I did the Eonís Comic #38 remaster. By rolling those two pages into this one chapter, I could just carry on Blaze and Creamís conversation across pages 15.03 and 15.04, which originally I revisited via flashback in the Eonís Comic #38 remaster. I also expanded Doctor Eggmanís scene where heís spying on them to give him some more time talking to himself and scheming. And this final page also added an epilogue scene that wasnít there before in which we see the beginnings of Eggmanís first major doomsday plot in Eonís World. More about that later, though...

As a heads up, we are coming to the end of the first season of Eonís World Vol. 1 now. There are only two more chapters of this and then, after a short break, weíll be returning to the year 3242 and picking up the story in Vol. 2 where we left it at the end of Chapter 8.

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