October 15, 2019



Commentary for October 15, 2019:

So this was Shadowís plan all along! No, he wasnít trying to destroy the world, like everyone assumed (and he never claimed to be, but given his history, you canít really blame people for fearing the worst). All he wanted to use the Chaos Emeralds for was to turn super, forcing Sonic to do the same, because it would be the only way to fight him, and no one else would be able to help him then. It really was just an elaborate ploy to force Sonic into a one-on-one fight.

Now, in the original version of this story, told in Eonís Comic, Shadow was out to destroy the world. And I guess had him turn super as a way of acting out what I would have preferred the final boss of Sonic Adventure 2 to be -- Super Sonic vs. Super Shadow. At least, thatís what I would have preferred at the time, because, as Iíve mentioned before, I did not like Shadow at first and was disappointed with his heel-face turn at the end of the game. Of course, Iíve come to appreciate the character since, which is why this story has been so dramatically changed.

That said, this fight between Super Sonic and Super Shadow is actually a lot more intense than the original version, despite it not actually being the point of this chapter at all. But I figured that if Iím going to have these two fight, it had better be intense.

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