September 26, 2019

Content Warning: blood, death


Commentary for September 26, 2019:

The pieces of Doctor Eggmanís next master plan are falling into place...

There isnít much else to say about this page, so Iíll launch straight into the comparison with the original version of this story from Eonís Comic back in 2003.

This chapter adapts the story covered in Eonís Comic #41, #43, #44, and #45. #41, which is basically covered in the first scene of this chapter, was actually written to correct an oversight. I hadnít shown CJ escaping from the ARK when he had been held there in Eonís Comic #14 and #15, and he hadnít appeared for some time since. If I recall correctly, his creator actually asked me what had become of him, worried he was still a prisoner on the ARK. So I wrote a story where he met a friend (an OC who has now been replaced by Sally Acorn in Eonís World), and shared the tale of his eventual escape with them. Meanwhile, another OC (whom Iíve replaced with Evelyn Blackwood), was listening in and later, in Eonís Comic #43, reported the Echidna Empireís weak security to Doctor Eggman, prompting him to launch his attack.

During the actual battle for the ARK in Eonís Comic #44 and #45, I had depicted Eggmanís forces and the Echidna Empire as being much more evenly matched, and the battle was less of a one-sided slaughter, although the result was still a victory for Eggman. Sora-Ya and a small group of her followers got out using the transporter -- which was very inconsistently portrayed back then. Sometimes it behaved just like a Star Trek transporter, which could beam a traveller to anywhere within range, and sometimes it needed a transporter pad to beam travellers to on the other end. This time, I am being completely consistent with it and the transporter can only beam travellers to a destination pad, which really limits it right now to travel between the ARK and Eggmanís pyramid base. But that is, of course, why Eggman was able to launch such a successful sneak attack.

Finally, in the original, Eggman didnít really have a reason for re-taking the ARK, apart from being angry that heíd lost in the first place (something which was never even shown in Eonís Comic, because, remember, the entire first four chapters of Eonís World were originally a fanfic I never completed). So, for this chapter, I wanted it to be very clear that itís all part of the Doctorís current master plan.

Anyway, come back tomorrow, when we will embark on the first season finale of Eonís World Vol. 1!

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