May 20, 2019



Commentary for May 20, 2019:

Conquering the world is hard. Doctor Eggman is the type of villain who usually seems to have one big gambit, a master plan that will bring the world to its knees and elevate him to supreme ruler immediately. Has he ever really considered playing the long game and coming up with a more strategic approach to conquest? It sure doesn’t seem like it. It’s always some doomsday weapon or monster he wants to use. And he doesn’t really seem to consider the minutiae of ruling the world, like taxes, public services, security, defence, schools, utilities, prisons, etc. In the fiction where he already rules the world, we never really see Eggman doing the actual conquest. It always happened off-screen, and all the infrastructure he’d need to rule an empire is already in place by the time of the story. I do wonder how this version of Eggman, much closer to the games than any other version (although, I do think a decent bit of Robotnik Mach 2 from Archie has made his way into him), would handle the challenge of successfully conquering the world. Maybe he’s just like a dog chasing a car and wouldn’t know what to do with it if he caught it?

Sora-Ya and the Echidna Empire, on the other hand, are playing a long game and have a lot more in mind for how they will administer a global empire should they successfully create one. I imagine dealing with someone like Eggman, who seems so focused on the big picture that he completely overlooks the smaller picture, must be frustrating.

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