July 15, 2019



Commentary for July 15, 2019:

Itís remarkable how limited Badnik sprites can feel. I guess thatís why I did just launch straight into padding out their ranks with enemies from Mega Man Z. Itís probably also why I ended up only using Chaos Gamma sprites from Sonic Battle (filling the role of E-1000ís) and a handful of others in the original Eonís Comic.

Anyway, in the script for this chapter, I wrote that the Super Egg Robot from the final level of Sonic Advance would appear in panel 6, but I made a last minute decision to swap it out for the Super Egg Robo Z from Sonic Advance 2. Itís a more solid sprite that requires less assembly, which makes it easier to work with. (Plus, it will be appearing again in a Season 2 story, which will be more or less unchanged from version I made last year for the the Eon's Comic remaster.)

Credits: Vector sprites by DBurakki. Espio sprites by King Noel, Zach ďZinĒ Fur, and Ashura. Charmy sprites by FroggyMudd.

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