September 3, 2019



Commentary for September 3, 2019:

So, now we know the kind of headspace Shadow’s in. It’s a big departure from how I wrote this story arc in Eon’s Comic, but that’s because I wasn’t trying to write Shadow as a sympathetic character then. This time, while he may be factually wrong about what happened at the end of Sonic Adventure 2, I think Shadow’s motivation is a lot more understandable. He and Sonic had reached an understanding and, while they may never have been friends, they could be allies; but Sonic betrayed Shadow and left him to die, when he could have saved him. That’s how Shadow sees it, at least. Now, we know Sonic isn’t the kind of guy who’d do that if there were any chance of saving Shadow, because Sonic doesn’t hold grudges. But Shadow doesn’t know that; so, believing Sonic could have saved him, he can only conclude that he maliciously chose not to.

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