April 23, 2019



Commentary for April 23, 2019:

This was fun. So, one of my big intentions for Eon's World Vol. 1 is to use 3D models for certain vehicles (typically aircraft and spacecraft). I had planned to start doing this in the original Eonís Comic going forwards when it reached the end, but... well, it reached the end and didnít go forwards, not as a sprite comic, anyway. Not to worry, I thought; Iíll just use these models in Vol. 2. And I did and still do, but the results can be a bit mixed, honestly, and they havenít always been good. Itís taken me a lot of time and effort to find out how best to use my 3D models in Vol. 2 and Chapter 9 has taught me that, really, the best use for them is to be a guide and nothing more. I completely draw over every single model in Paint Shop Pro now, so what you see on the finished page is never the actual 3D model as of Chapter 9. But thatís not a problem with sprites. The 3D models do not clash with sprites to anywhere near the same degree as with my drawings. And thatís just as well, because I really didnít want to have to make sprites of all the vehicles Iíve retconned into having already existed at this time in Vol. 1. That includes things like the AT-30 Goliath armoured shuttle, first seen here, but making its earliest canonical appearance here.

Also, can I just say that Iím not trying to write Eonís father as a jerk. Heís not, not at all. What he is is frightened and feeling helpless, and that makes people angry. And angry, stressed people lash out like Ant is doing here.

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