August 1, 2019



Commentary for August 1, 2019:

Since we know so little about Blazeís world, I decided that a little embellishment wonít hurt (well, a lot of embellishment to be fair -- I made her world freakiní Avalice from Freedom Planet, after all). Heck, Iíve completely crammed Sonicís world into a fictional post-apocalyptic future version of the real Earth, so I think Iím fine messing about with Blazeís world for the sake of artistic license and world-building. Anyway, what Iím referring to specifically this time is the role of the Sol Emeralds.

Itís never been stated clearly what the Sol Emeralds do, only that, without them, Blazeís world would be destroyed. So, I decided to come up with some actual lore explaining what is meant by that. Essentially, the star Avalice orbits is either too hot or the solar winds from it are too intense for the planet to remain habitable without some kind of shield to protect it. Presumably, this was not always the case, but many thousands of years ago, it became a problem and the precursors of todayís Avalician society built this temple to use the Sol Emeralds to power a planet-wide shield keeping the atmosphere and water in. The shield, of course, will not collapse immediately without the emeralds, but as it fades in strength, global temperatures will steadily rise, causing gradually more extreme weather patterns that eventually culminates in the evaporation of the oceans and possibly the loss of most of the atmosphere altogether, leaving the planet uninhabitable.

How does this all line up with the Kingdom Stone from Freedom Planet, of which Avalice is the setting? Well, the two arenít related. I mean, obviously in the Eonís World version of Avalice, the Three Kingdoms need the Sol Emeralds to remain in place at this temple, but theyíre not related to the Kingdom Stone, nor were they gifted to Avalice by the dragons. Theyíre older than that. Much older.

Anyway, before I wrap up this commentary, a little note on the temple's aesthetics. Last year, when I first did the Blaze scenes now repurposed for this chapter, the Sol Temple was a very understated affair. I just used some simple pieces from a Mega Man Zero level to make a very basic stone structure with columns and the Sol Emeralds sat on a stone altar. This time, I wanted something more grandiose, and I found some useful stuff among the backgrounds for Freedom Planet (mostly the palace setting used in some of the gameís cutscenes), which I used to create a more impressive temple for Eon's World Vol. 1, and Iím very pleased with it. Oh, and the Gardon sprites are my own custom work, created by heavily editing some Tails sprites.

Credits: Blaze the Cats sprites originally by Kaijin.

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