June 28, 2019



Commentary for June 28, 2019:

And hereís the part where Sora-Ya loses Knuckles. And after all that effort to get him on board, too. Honestly, though, the way this conversation has gone is not too dissimilar to conversations Iíve had myself. You start off with someone sharing some perfectly reasonable ideas about politics and social justice, and youíre making a lot of agreeable sounds in response to them, and next thing you know, youíre neck deep in their lengthy treatise about why Stalin wasnít such a bad guy after all. Itís that feeling that the other person is trying to radicalise me, to make me adopt a more extreme position, to wear me down by saying a lot of things I agree with in the hope that, when they make the leap to absurd extremism, Iíll be willing to jump with them. Thatís what I was channelling for this conversation between Sora-Ya and Knuckles here.

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