August 15, 2019



Commentary for August 15, 2019:

Happy New Year 3233! I’m quite pleased with the effect I’ve used for the fireworks. Also, a bit more experimentation with zooming, which I think works quite well, too.

Anyway, I’ve always tried to write Ballista as the kind of character who doesn’t take anyone’s crap, and it’s always been fun to have her lay down the law like this. She is generally kind and gentle, but she will not stand for bigotry, and she has always been very protective of Silky and, by extension, Eon. It’s not exactly the same, but Ballista is an echidna and she knows what it’s like to face discrimination because of what she is, so she feels immense empathy for Eon, since hybrids in this world can experience often quite extreme prejudice -- everything from schoolyard bullying to discrimination in employment and housing (a lot of which is perfectly legal) and even violence.

Of course, some people (you might call them concern trolls? Maybe sealions?) will always try to act like their prejudice has some kind of justification, often a scientific one, which means it’s not really prejudice at all and they’re just being good, rational, intelligent, critical thinkers, expressing their valid and genuine concerns for the effect that acceptance of an oppressed minority will have on society -- in this case, the harm that could be done by a pure-blooded fox being in a relationship with a hybrid who is only part fox, which they fear could break Britannia’s line of succession. And how could being concerned about that possibly be prejudice? They’re being good, patriotic citizens! They’re just asking questions!

Yeah, I don’t buy it either.

It’s possible that these nobles have convinced themselves that they’re really just worried about succession, but it really isn’t as big a deal as they’re making it out to be. The first King of Britannia didn’t pull a magic sword out of a stone nor was he anointed by the gods. He wasn’t born to be a king, he was chosen to be one, by other mere mortals. And if his dynasty ends with Sakura Gemini, so be it. Britannia will not fall because of that. A new monarch will be chosen and they will begin a new dynasty. Sure, these nobles can convince themselves that this would be a great tragedy because it’s never had to be done before, but no dynasty lasts forever. At the end of the day, it’s all just excuses to justify keeping a hybrid from marrying into the royal family and “polluting” the line of succession with his “mongrel blood”, which is an incredibly vulgar thing to say and it really demonstrates where Ullswater’s mind is truly at.

Matthews and Dingleberry may not be quite as prejudiced, but there’s really no question about where Ullswater stands. And, sadly, even ten years later, she doesn’t change much.

You’ll notice I haven’t ever actually confirmed whether or not Silky and Eon can have children. First of all, Ballista is absolutely right; it is gross to be asking whether or not a fifteen-year-old girl and her sixteen-year-old boyfriend can make babies. Of course, they dont stay those ages; but, for the reasons given above, it doesn’t actually matter if they can. And for these reasons, it’s not a matter for discussion in the Britannic royal court, for now at least.

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