May 7, 2019



Commentary for May 7, 2019:

I came up with Prince Dante as a conceptual character that might appear one day as a villain in Eonís World. Originally, he was going to be Silkyís cousin, not her uncle, and it would have been his mother, Queen Felicityís sister, who murdered Silkyís parents. I got quite far with the planning stage, actually, and even thought of a number of ways in which Dante could be introduced in Vol. 1, as well as reappear in Vol. 2, always trying to come up with some scheme to ascend to the Britannic throne himself. But I decided not to in the end. Fact is, I donít want Vol. 2 to be loaded down with too many Earth based villains, since Iím moving the story to a more galactic focus, as of Season 2 at least. And it would take a lot more re-writing than I really want to do to add yet another new character into Vol. 1. So, I made him Silkyís uncle instead and he is very much deceased. Although, as Lord Matthews has intimated, he still has loyalists. (However, I doubt theyíll feature much in Eonís World.)

Otherwise, Silkyís backstory has not changed at all, but I donít think it was ever really spelled out in the original Eon's Comic. Again, I just wrote as if Rise of the Empire (the Sonic fanfic I never really finished) had been finished and was easily accessible to anyone reading the comic, which it never was. So it was always just taken for granted that Silky was a princess and everyone knew it. Why she was friends with common folk like Eon and CJ was never explained. It was only later on that I started to realise what a crucial failing this was and started to think about maybe turning Rise of the Empire it into a prequel comic, which I never did. But that is the reason why Eon's World Vol. 1 starts with this story arc rather than launching straight into the first stories of the original version.

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