October 7, 2019



Commentary for October 7, 2019:

The surprise sucker punch might have to be a thing in Eon’s World. It started in Vol. 2, Chapter 7 and then happened again in Chapter 9, and here it is again, at what is canonically its earliest use. So far, it’s happened once in every season of Eon’s World, so maybe I’ll make it that thing that does happen once every season. We’ll see.

Anyway, one thing I’m really pleased with about this page is being able to slip in Shadow’s line about the Chaos Emeralds calling to him. Now, as that line appeared originally in Eon’s Comic, it went; “The Chaos Emeralds are mine by unconditional right! They call to me!” Given that Shadow is not completely out of his mind in this remake, just very angry with Sonic, I couldn’t really justify the whole line, which was just hamtastic; I kind of wanted to find a way to include it, but it wouldn’t have made sense in context. Still, I am pleased I got to include at least part of it.

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