April 22, 2019



Commentary for April 22, 2019:

The inside of the Squirrel residence in the original Eonís Comic was an isometric environment from the Mega Man Battle Network games -- the house the player starts in, I believe. It was pretty good, if Iím honest, but kind of limited and difficult to edit. So, for Eon's World Vol. 1, I decided to completely re-make this house... well, sort of. Basically, I took some assets I originally made for the very last story arc of Eonís Comic back in early 2011 (a story that will not be appearing in Eon's World Vol. 1, as it happens, so it would be a shame to let those assets go to waste) and gave them a bit of an overhaul to create a fairly comprehensive home environment for Eon and his family. Iím pretty pleased with it and looking forward to re-creating classic scenes from Eon's Comic in it, since Eonís home in Station Square did feature quite a lot early on.

Iíve made a couple of changes where world-building is concerned, also. When I first started Eonís Comic in 2002, all I knew about Sonicís world were a handful of cities and islands. No lore had yet been established about global politics. Sonic Adventure 2 introduced a President, whose country was threatened by Doctor Eggman, but no country name was given, and it wasnít clear whether this country encompassed the whole world or only a small part of it. And the relationship between the President and GUN was unclear. GUN seemed fairly autonomous at this point. Being the imaginative kid I was, I filled in the blanks with lore I made up, which naturally didnít jive with the scraps of info that trickled out over time from subsequent games. Three years later, Shadow the Hedgehog debuted, and revealed the countryís name to be the United Federation. After that, I made some effort to incorporate that name into Eonís Comic, but never in the way that really felt right. So, going back to re-make these stories has given me an opportunity to give the United Federation what I think is its proper role in a story that spins off from the lore established in the Sonic franchise up to at least Sonic Adventure 2.

Also, I never bothered with mobile phones in Eonís Comic back in the day. This is mostly because any sprites Iíd have made would have simply been tiny and hard to discern from any other small object a character may be holding. This is of course compounded by the fact that back when I first started the comic, mobile phones were a lot smaller. We didnít have smartphones then, after all. But going back and remastering the series, Iíve found that mobile phones can be useful parts of the story.

Finally, is that a Samanfur the Fox I spy on that screen in Ant's study? Any readers of Eon's Comic from way back when may remember her, and we'll be seeing more of her soon!

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