April 25, 2019



Commentary for April 25, 2019:

Well, I got to show that ARK model a tiny bit on this page, didnít I? Still, thereíll be plenty more of it in the stories to come. Wrapping up this story with an epilogue delivered as an SSTV News report is very on-brand for Eonís World. SSTV News anchor, Charlene McFaire essentially became Mr. Exposition for Eon's Comic some time in 2005, I think. And she became a mainstay of the series from there on. As of writing this commentary, she has yet to appear in Vol. 2 in the flesh, but I like to imagine it was her voice reading the news during the denouement to Chapter 7.

Of course, for any veteran readers, you didnít think this remaster could go long without Sora-Ya and her minions making an appearance, did you? Indeed, the fanfic I wrote as a teen that this whole story arc is adapted from is where they made their first appearance, so expect to see more of them in the coming chapters, be they stories old or new.

Finally, while itís probably obvious that the flags in panel 4 are the flags of Earth and Mars, I would like to point out that, while the flag of Mars has hardly changed from how I originally designed it (based an actual real-world proposal for a Martian flag), the flag of Earth at this time is different to the one I originally designed for Eonís Comic. As I mentioned in a previous commentary, Iíve adapted the United Federation from the Sonic games to fill the role of Earth Gov during this period, and I adapted the flag of the United Federation along with it. I made one minor change to the official flag, however, which is to replace the fairly boring white and blue circles in the middle with a white and blue depiction of the globe in a similar style to how it appears on the real-world United Nations flag. Otherwise, the flag is pretty well true to the official one.

Anyway, that is the end of Eonís World Vol. 1, Chapter 1. Chapter 2 will begin tomorrow. Because itís a heck of a lot quicker to make sprite comics than... ďrealĒ comics? That doesnít sound right. ďTraditionalĒ...? What does that even mean? I dunno. Whatever type of comic Vol. 2 is, I guess.  

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