July 10, 2019



Commentary for July 10, 2019:

One of the most wonderful discoveries I made since going back to working with sprites is that Sonic Colours was also released on the Nintendo DS, where it used similar graphics to the Sonic Rush games. While the Sonic sprites arenít much use to me, the Badnik sprites and level backgrounds are. And what is the theme of Sonic Colours? Why, itís that Doctor Eggman has opened a theme park in space. That made it the perfect game to raid for theme park background stuff. Iíve used a combination of Tropical Resort from Sonic Colours and Casino Paradise from Sonic Advance for the park here, whereas the storm drain is mostly from Toxic Seahorseís level in Mega Man X 3 (with a bit of Neo Green Hill from Sonic Advance and the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 title screen thrown in).

Now, I figure Carnival Island (very loosely based on the setting of Knucklesí Chaotix on the 32X) is a bit like Disneyland, which is open every day of the year, unlike somewhere like Alton Towers, which partially closed during some seasons. Given that it is a Caribbean island resort, it makes sense to be generally open year round. Of course, it is also vulnerable to hurricanes, which is why it has a massive storm drain system to keep the park from flooding. The rain falling right now is supposed to be on the tail end of a recent hurricane.

Anyway, time for some credits. Vector sprites by DBurakki. The Espio sprites by King Noel, Zach ďZinĒ Fur, and Ashura. Charmy sprites by FroggyMudd.

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