July 17, 2019



Commentary for July 17, 2019:

Okay, with Chapter 9 finished, it’s time to do the usual comparison with the original version, which was in Eon's Comic #12 #13, from November 23 and 29, 2002.

This is probably the closest to the original any of the chapters in Eon's World Vol. 1 have been so far. Heck, it’s the first one to retain the name of the original, ‘Carnival Chaos’. The location and the essence of the story are also identical. In both versions, Knuckles accidently winds up on Carnival Island during his quest to recover the Master Emerald, where he helps Team Chaotix fight against a Badnik invasion to no avail and they evacuate. It’s the minutiae that are different.

In the Eon's Comic version, it was still over a year yet before Sonic Heroes debuted, and with it, the modern portrayal of Team Chaotix. All I had to go with back then was their game backstories and their portrayal in Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic. (I hadn’t read enough Archie Sonic yet to see how they were portrayed there, and wouldn’t for many years, not that it would help; Archie’s early portrayal was nothing like what these characters would become later.) So, I had a group of bitter, resentful, and argumentative jerks who, for some reason, were the owners of Carnival Island. Vector was not among them, but instead Mighty and Ray were. This was because they had not yet been re-imagined as private detectives. However, coming back to the story, knowing what I now know, it was an easy decision to just use the modern Team Chaotix, as they appear in the games and the IDW comics and re-tell the story with them on the island investigating a case there.

I suppose there is a worthwhile question as to whether or not Mighty and Ray will ever appear in Eon’s World now. Honestly, I’m not sure if they will. I like them, but they didn’t have a significant role in the original Eon's Comic. Of course, they could always be included as Freedom Fighters we’ve yet to meet or perhaps as part of an expanded Team Chaotix, like in Archie Sonic before the reboot? I guess we’ll see.

Anyway, tomorrow’s the start of a new chapter.

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