October 22, 2019



Commentary for October 22, 2019:

So you might be wondering what exactly Horatio has done that Sonic’s aware of that makes him declare him “genuine, A-grade bad people”. After all, this chapter is the first time they’ve met. Well, remember how CJ told Sally about his time as Horatio’s test subject? There you go. The Freedom Fighters have been fully briefed on the Echidna Empire, including the names and faces of some of the key players, so that’ll be how Sonic knows. (Yes, I am totally covering my butt here over a shortcoming in the script. Hey, I never said I was perfect. Then again, you don't need to show every instance of a character obtaining knowledge or intel, do you?)

Anyway, Sonic and Tails leaving Angel Island with Horatio would have been where this story ended, but I wanted to set up a good hook for season 2 before wrapping up. Plus, I didn’t want to end season 1 without acknowledging what Cream has come to talk to Sonic about first.

More of that tomorrow in what will be the final page of Eon’s World Vol. 1, season 1...

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