October 23, 2019



Commentary for October 23, 2019:

So, now that Sonic and friends know that Blaze is one of the good guys, theyíll be off to rescue her from Doctor Eggman. But thatís not going to be until season 2, which will begin in 2020.

I know I usually save the comparison between a chapter of Eonís World Vol. 1 and the original version from Eonís Comic until the final page, but Iíve not done that this time, which leaves me very little to talk about here, since Iíve talked about the differences between this chapter and the original version from Eonís Comic #46 through #50 as weíve gone through this chapter. Maybe thatís a better way of doing it than posting a massive wall of text at the end of each chapter? Still, I will talk about one important thing.

In the original version, Shadow couldnít be reasoned with and had to be tricked into basically killing himself by accident. Iíve already covered in great detail why Iíve changed that for this remake, but there is another reason for it. I found a convoluted reason to bring Shadow back to life less than a year later and nowadays, with very few exceptions, I donít like fake outs with character deaths. If a character being absent and presumed dead for a while can be used to tell an interesting story, thatís one thing. But otherwise, Iím not going to do that. Most of the time in Eonís World, if a character appears to have been killed, they are dead and never coming back (except possibly in flashbacks). So thatís why I had Sonic find another resolution to the Shadow situation; so, when he does return, thereíll be no fake surprise that heís back. And, yes, of course heís coming back. The Sonic stuff in Eonís World shall still adhere fairly closely to how it is (or was) in the games for a while yet, and, for better or worse, Shadow is a major character in Sonic fiction.

Anyway, that is it for Eonís World Vol. 1 for now. This has been the first season finale, but donít worry! Come back next Wednesday, October 30, when Eonís World Vol. 2, Chapter 10, ĎDistant Thunderí will begin, and weíll pick up the Discovery Saga from where Chapter 8 left off. Vol. 1 will, of course, continue  in 2020, but I donít have a precise date for that just yet. In any case, intend to have Chapters 10 and 11 of Vol. 2 done before then.

Credits: Blaze sprites originally by Kaijin.

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