May 13, 2019



Commentary for May 13, 2019:

The first ever Sonic comic I read was issue #5 of Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic. Back then, it was trying to be a “Sega comic”, rather than just a Sonic comic, so only one out of four strips contained within were about the Sonic, and the other three were about other Sega game characters. The Sonic story was... rubbish, really. The art was terrible and the story was a fairly dull “Tails get kidnapped by Badniks and Sonic saves him” affair. I recall being disappointed that Doctor Robotnik wasn't even in it. But it featured a character called Sally Acorn, a squirrel who was a friend of Sonic’s. She appeared in some of the Sonic paperback novels I read as a kid -- there was a lot of Sonic fiction in the early-to-mid 90’s. But the Sally Acorn who has had the biggest impact on the fandom is undoubtedly the Sally who first appeared in the comics by Archie, who was based on the character in the SatAM cartoon.

All versions of Sally ultimately trace their origins to Ricky, one of the helpless woodland creatures Sonic busts out of Badniks in the early games. While European Sonic fiction tends to retain the look of Ricky in Sally’s character design, the American Archie/SatAM version makes a considerable departure, even changing her species from a squirrel to a chipmunk. And she was, of course, also a princess.

In adapting her to Eon’s World, I decided to borrow from both European and American fiction. Her design is mostly based on her appearance in the Archie comics, but she is unambiguously a squirrel. You can’t see it here, but she does have a big floofy squirrel tail. Her hair style is more based on her pre-reboot look from the Archie comics, but her outfit is based mostly on her post-reboot look. Also, she is not a princess, but she did lead (and found) the Freedom Fighters during Doctor Eggman’s occupation of the Westside Archipelago in a backstory loosely based on the one from the post-reboot Archie comics. Personality-wise, she is mostly based on Archie’s Sally Acorn, of course, because... well, gosh, there’s about 24 years of content to draw from, whereas she only really appeared as a minor supporting character in the European fiction, and eventually just kind of disappeared from the Fleetway comic. (We last saw her as a news anchor in issue #33, published in September, 1994. I understand she’s shown up as a reporter in the fan continuation, Sonic the Comic Online, but I’m very behind on reading that.)

Here in Eon’s World, Sally was a Freedom Fighter, but at this time she now represents the Islands in the Meridian Parliament as an MP. She goes on to play a much bigger role in Vol. 2, of course. (At least bigger in terms of her office if not her presence in the story, as she has only had more than a cameo in one chapter so far, whereas in  Vol. 1, her role in the story will be significant throughout).

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