September 30, 2019



Commentary for September 30, 2019:

There is nothing in the Sonic the Hedgehog games to suggest that the Chaos Emeralds can be kept stable at colder temperatures. Thatís a homage to Fleetwayís Sonic the Comic, where, at least early in the series, the Chaos Emeralds had to be kept cold, or they would become unstable. (Although, what that actually meant in practice was that they started absorbing evil from around them. I, however, do not treat ďevilĒ as a physical property of the universe that one can be either infected with or cured of. To put it as simply as I can without waxing philosophical, evil people are people who do evil things for evil reasons.)

Also, I note that this is the first time all of the current members of the Freedom Fighters have been present at once. (Sure, Sally is having to conference call in, but I think that still counts.) Itís true, they are a small team right now, but not everyone stayed on after the Occupation, and thereís always room to expand. Also, Iíve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: Sonic and Tails arenít strictly members of the Freedom Fighters, so much as associate members (a bit like CJ). This is because Sonic canít be tied down with things like a command structure and he doesnít follow orders, because heís a free spirit. But he helps where can. Tails, who idolises Sonic of course, follows suits.

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