June 13, 2019



Commentary for June 13, 2019:

Itís Rotor!

This is actually a genuine first for me. I never included Rotor in Eonís Comic, and thatís mostly because I couldnít find good sprites of him, until now. I knew I wanted him in the Eon's World, because heís a core Freedom Fighter and I like the idea of there being two tech wizzes on the team to bounce ideas off of each other (a bit like Tony Stark and Bruce Banner in Avengers Assemble), but until I found these sprites by DarkBurraki and NinjaRaccoon, I was sure I was going to have to create my own, and that would have been tricky. Rotor doesnít really have a body type Iíve worked with before, so it wouldíve meant a one hundred percent custom job, which is a lot of work. Thankfully, these ones look all right.

Also, I promised you Tails would be in here, didnít I?

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