October 8, 2019



Commentary for October 8, 2019:

And here we have the explanation of why Shadow is back, and why the last thing he knew before being brought through Horatioís portal was falling to certain death from space -- because that is literally what whe was experiencing the moment before he came through. This is a major departure from the version of this story arc originally told in Eonís Comic, however. In that version, Shadow was officially dead. He had fallen into the atmosphere from space and was incinerated on re-entry. But Horatioís experiments with the Master Emerald somehow brought him back to life, only he was insane and wanted to destroy the world. With the remaster I attempted last year, I tried to change the reason for Shadowís return to something more like this, where Horatioís attempts to make a portal brought him forward in time. It wasnít quite the same as this version, for reasons I may elaborate on later, but I was trying to make what the Master Emerald was being used for more consistent, at least. Of course, I was still running with the idea that Shadow was insane and wanted to destroy the world, whereas thatís not the case in this remake. (Although, the other characters canít be sure of his intentions, of course. Given that all they know of him so far is that he once tried to destroy the world only to have a last minute change of heart, itís not unreasonable for them to fear that heíll try it again, given the chance.)

Anyway, Iím sorry if the positioning of word balloons on this page is a bit confusing. I try to position them in a way that feels natural to read, but itís not always easy to do and I think one or two panels might not make the intended reading order as clear as Iíd like.

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