May 1, 2019



Commentary for May 1, 2019:

Again, talking of the things what inspire me, Eonís teenage overreaction to learning that one of his favourite things has been cancelled is very much based on the very first scene in the very first episode of Steven Universe. (And how many times can I fit the word ďveryĒ into one sentence?) Oh, how far Eon has come from the days when finding out heíll need to spend his Wednesday evenings doing something else was the greatest tragedy in his life.

Now, politics.

Politics -- and I mean actual politicians practicing the art of politics, not just inclusive casting, which seems to be so upsetting to (and letís be honest) white, cisgender, heterosexual men -- has been a part of Eonís World since the early days of Eon's Comic. Sure, thereís less emphasis on that side of things in Vol. 2 (but still plenty of the stuff thatíll upset the aforementioned group of people), but it was always part of Eon's Comic. And honestly, it was some of the storytelling from back then I still feel most proud of. There was a time when looking back, I felt a embarrassed by it and worried that my unabashed leftist progressivism might turn some folks off to Eonís Comic. While itís true that some of the earlier stuff I wrote is kind of embarrassing now in its lack of sophistication, I donít plan to tone it down at all in the remaster -- just to write it better -- and, if anything, Iím even more of a lefist progressive than I was when I first started Eon's Comic. And if that bothers some readers, maybe Eonís World is not for them.

Anyway, rant over.

In the original Eonís Comic, it took me a while to work out what the setting was even like. The nation of Meridia started off as a place called Central Island, and that evolved into being a collection of islands that made up a Meridian Republic, which eventually grew into essentially a continent-sized nation analogous to North America. But as Meridia grew in size, its role on the world stage shrank, becoming just one country and not the beating heart of a world government, and its president was just the leader of one nation among many. After 130 pages (the equivalent of 390 in the new format), I finally introduced the idea of a Chancellor of a United Earth Government. And that was Samanfur the Fox, a character who was the avatar of a friend of mine from a Sonic forum I frequented back then. (Her being in charge of Earth was kind of in-joke, as she was head admin on the Mobius Forum.) Sheís a character Iím still okay to feature in Eonís World, so sheís back again for the remake. But at this time, Earth does not have a Chancellor. The United Federation is the global state and it is led by a President, or at least, it was. As the (fairly heated) conversation between Eon and Cookirini should indicate, however, there is now a vacancy. Rather than beginning the story with Samanfur in charge, we join her as a senator running for the position. Will she get it? Well, spoilers, but you can probably guess.

Finally, itís a long-time characteristic of Eonís to get fired up over politics. It shouldnít really be that surprising. His fatherís a senator, so heís exposed to politics a lot. Moreover, heís a hybrid in a time and place where a lot of folks really dislike them, and a lot of those people vote. Some of them even hold public office. (And thatís before we even get into the people who are just plain racist against Mobians on top of being anti-hybrid.) So Eon has a lot of reason to be interested in and passionate about politics. While so much else about Eon has changed over time (not through retcons, but purely through character development), that trait at least has remained consistent.

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