August 20, 2019



Commentary for August 20, 2019:

So you might be wondering where Doctor Eggman is right now and why he hasnít shown up in this story. Well, remember how he recently sent an army of Badniks to seize control of Carnival Island? Thatís why heís not here. Heís busy setting up a new base there, and has left his Pyramid Base in Orbot and Cubotís capable hands.

Talking of which, the transporter controls are at the right height for Eggman, but not Orbot and Cubot. I did originally think of just having Orbot sort of floating at the right height, but that raises questions of how high they can float that I donít want to deal with right now and then I thought, wouldnít it be cute if Orbot had to perch on top of Cubot, folded up in sleep mode? Once I had that thought, I just had to go with it.

Anyway, weíre getting into some serious heckiní Eonís World lore here in panels 5 and 6, with more to come on the next page, so Iíll say more about that then.

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