July 3, 2019



Commentary for July 3, 2019:

Knuckles is pretty strong and a good fighter. Needless to say, Brabanzio is nowhere near as strong. In a straight up fisticuff, Knuckles would win, every time. However, Brabanzio has years of training as an Echidna Empire operative, and he had a big stick, to boot (well, a staff, at least). I like to think he used Knucklesís blind rage to his advantage to hit him hard enough to stun him as he charged after the retreating Imperials.

Anyway, Angel Islandís in the drink again. It happens literally every time the Master Emerald is stolen or broken or whatever. I guess itís fortunate that it always seems to land somewhere where the water isnít too deep or that Angel Island is somehow buoyant enough to never actually sink. (Although, it did completely sink in the final story arc of Fleetwayís Sonic the Comic.) Iíve spent a great deal of time wondering about the mechanics of Angel Island, mind you, and thought up some weird and wacky ideas about how the molten rock in the Lava Reef is created and how that can be used to control the islandís movements. So, maybe there can be an explanation in there for why it doesnít just sink. Or maybe we all just need some willing suspension of disbelief where Angel Island is concerned. I mean, letís face it, I never waste my time trying to figure out how Sonic can run so fast... or how Tails can fly.

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