July 1, 2019



Commentary for July 1, 2019:

Happy July, everybody! Sorry you had to wait all weekend to find out how Knuckles is going to respond to this situation. But I guess it’s gone pretty much as you’d expect.

But there is a question you may well be asking, which is why doesn’t Sora-Ya just kill Knuckles? She could, after all. Féro-Na has a gun, and presumably so does Sora-Ya (I’m sorry, there’s no way to show a gun holstered on a sprite of this size that doesn’t look bad). Their ship is armed and could come in, guns blazing at a moment’s notice. Killing Knuckles would mean the last Guardian is dead and there’s nothing to stop the Echidna Empire from seizing control of Angel Island, like they want. Why are they letting him live and just bugging out with the Master Emerald?

Well, I think it’s covered pretty well in panel 4. Sora-Ya doesn’t want the three hundred plus year feud between the Imperials and the Guardians to end like that. She wants them to be reunited, to see the Guardians also returned to their former glory (at least, as she sees it), along with a restored Imperial throne. Although she’s failed to win him over right now, Sora-Ya is holding out hope that he will come around some day. Nevertheless, she came to secure the Master Emerald for the cause; since Knuckles is not on board, she has to take the Master Emerald, because the only way to take the island now would be to kill him.

Anyway, some fun facts before I wrap up this commentary. Knuckles describes the echidna monarchy as having been abolished, which is certainly a valid interpretation of the Guardians’ resolution to the war. But even after a monarchy has been abolished, descendants of the deposed monarch sometimes continue to claim the title generations later. This is actually a bit of truth in fiction. There is an entire dynastic tradition in European nobility recognising one Louise Alphonse, Duke of Anjou in Spain as the legitimate heir to the throne of France. France, a nation that has not had a monarch of any type since 1870, and yet people still recognise this guy as the rightful king of France, should the old hereditary monarchy ever be restored. There are also claimants to the thrones of other nations that abolished their monarchies, such as Russia and Portugal. So, it’s not at all unbelievable that someone would still claim the throne of Angel Island three hundred years after the monarchy there was deposed, and even have a following who supports them.

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