June 5, 2019



Commentary for June 5, 2019:

I donít know what itís like for rich and famous people to date. Iím neither and Iíve certainly never dated anyone who is. I canít imagine that, for royalty, itís generally as straightforward as someone asks someone out, they go on a few dates, and then theyíre in a relationship. But Silkyís having none of the usual royal highly intrusive scrutiny, because who she dates is between her and them, as she rightly says. Of course, there are probably valid reasons why the people surrounding the future Queen of Britannia would want to vet a potential suitor, but sheís also a teenage girl, who should get to experience something resembling a real relationship. I guess weíll see how it turns out, wonít we?

Now, I hadnít originally planned it that way, but that sabre Antoine gave Eon for the mission is basically Eonís first legit sword. In the original Eon's Comic, Eon just randomly had a longsword some time after page 50, which was never actually explained. In my first pass at a remaster last year, I felt it was important to give some explanation for why Eon suddenly had a sword, and Iíve decided to really run with that this time. So Eonís first ever actual sword is a Badnik-killing ceramic sabre used by the Freedom Fighters, specifically a spare sword Antoine had on the shuttle during the rescue mission. And yes, Eonís keeping it. At the very least, his father canít tell him he doesnít know how to use it, after all.

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