May 31, 2019



Commentary for May 31, 2019:

Sora-Ya isnít the kind of villain who leaves her lackeys to do all her dirty work for her. In fact, sheís quite willing to get her hands dirty sometimes. But sheís also smart enough to know when not to. Think Ramsay Bolton when he declined Jon Snowís challenge to a one-on-one duel to decide the Battle of the Bastards. It isnít necessarily cowardice, itís just good sense to not endanger yourself by facing a foe you may not be able to beat when you donít have to. But also, part of my conception of Sora-Ya was always to be a strong female villain, as a foil to male villains like Eggman. She doesnít approach situations with the same bravado that someone like Eggman would, because winning isnít about proving whoís the best to her; winning is just about who comes out on top. Thatís not to say that she doesnít enjoy gloating. She does. But she doesnít have to be the one to beat her enemies -- just the one giving the orders.

A note on profanity in Eonís World. In the original Eon's Comic, I got to the point where I had characters -- including people like Tails -- dropping F-bombs pretty frequently. I was in my late teens and early twenties and figured it was more realistic that way, because that is genuinely how people talk. And I imagine I felt my writing was more mature that way, with blood and gore, swearing, and occasional sex references. Iím not squeamish about any of this, of course. I watch Game of Thrones, after all, and hell, even Star Trek started having F-bombs in its most recent series. But somewhere between finishing Chapter 7 of Vol. 2 and starting the remaster of Vol. 1 (possibly earlier, even), I decided all that profanity as a mark of mature writing was actually kinda juvenile. So, for the remaster, Iíve made a conscious choice to tone down the swearing. No, Iím not going to eliminate it entirely, but it wonít be so overused as it was before. There may even be the occasional F-bomb at an appropriate moment, Mass Effect 2 style. But when it comes to writing Antoine, I can have him swear all I like in French, canít I? Hell, thatís what they did in Archie Sonic.

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