June 3, 2019



Commentary for June 3, 2019:

I like to think that Eggman is the kind of man who gets so caught up being impressed with himself that he sometimes misses the obvious. And by sometimes, I mean a lot. With Sonic, a lot of people have questioned why he doesn’t just shoot him. (I mean, Sonic can move faster than the speed of sound, so maybe he can outrun bullets, or at least move quickly enough to dodge them? But then, there’s always lasers.) The answer for that was touched on in the previous page. It’s not enough for Eggman to kill Sonic. He has to beat him. He has to win and Sonic has to know he’s won, otherwise he will not be satisfied. Sonic is as much Eggman’s rival as he is his enemy, after all. So, that’s not a matter of Eggman missing the obvious. Of course he knows he could build a laser with an advanced tracking system that Sonic could not evade. But if he never knew what hit him, where’s the fun in that? (Actually, there was an episode of the SatAM cartoon, where Doctor Robotnik built such a weapon; but rather than just killing Sonic with it, he toyed with him, which made it possible for Sonic to figure out how to avoid being shot at.)

But this scene is not like that. This was Eggman genuinely thinking his plan was absolute genius. Sora-Ya thinks she’s won, but he’s survived and, not only that, he’s caused his Badniks to self-destruct, robbing her of her victory. But why not just program his Badniks to kill every echidna on the ARK if they tried to betray him? It was so frightfully obvious that the dimmest of Eggman’s lackeys is the one to suggest it.

There! That’s my excuse for this obvious plothole! Mwah! Chef kiss!

I did think of having Eggman’s last line on this page be, “I HATE THAT ECHIDNA!” But I felt I was being a wee bit cheeky already by having his classic sign off apply to a hedgehog other than Sonic when he first used it in Eon’s World, so I didn’t want to put even more spin on it. A little twist first time around is fine. Going forwards, it will apply to Sonic pretty much exclusively.

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