August 16, 2019



Commentary for August 16, 2019:

If history and experience have taught me anything it is the very sentiment Silky expresses in panel 5: politely asking your oppressors to stop oppressing you has never worked and will never work. When someone demands politeness from those who are being mistreated, theyíre trying to pacify them in order to maintain the status quo. They may not even realise theyíre doing this, but it is the net result. Iíve really leaned hard into SJW in this chapter and I make no apology for it.

Iím very pleased with how this story turned out, and it was not an easy script to write. Itís hard to write a character who is being an obstinate bigot but very carefully trying to word everything in a way that convinces some people (possibly those of a radical centrist persuasion?) that they are acting in good faith and not really prejudiced at all. I had some serious writerís block on this chapter and I completely re-wrote some scenes before I was done. Heck, I was editing the dialogue right up to working on the previous pageís artwork! Still, I am very pleased with the overall result.

Anyway, that final panel is almost lifted verbatim from the final panel of the Eonís Comic #24 remaster I did last year, although the rest of the sceneís dialogue is quite different. The whole thing is completely different to the original version of page #24 of Eonís Comic, however, which brings me to -- you guessed it! -- the overall comparison commentary!

So, thereís two versions of Eonís Comic #24 to compare this chapter to. The 2003 original and the 2018 remaster. In the original, Silky had had the truth of her parentage kept from her and had only recently learned she was a princess. This story was her first visit to her homeland, which was called Quinsiccus in Eonís Comic. (It didnít start out that way, but it eventually just became a super idealised version of the United Kingdom. Itís kind of ironic, really, that now in Eonís World, the country is geographically the same place as the British Isles but, politically, itís radically different to the modern day UK, which I no longer have any interest in romanticising.) Anyway, in that version of the story, Silky was being shown around the castle by a character, who was someone elseís OC, but not one who I think ever appeared more than once. (And, really, can you blame me for not wanting to re-use him, when he was literally Sonic the Hedgehog in a black suit with some shades on? Itís really not that hard to create an original character, people.) The story ended with Silky feeling overwhelmed and that she did not want to become Queen. Needless to say, she later changed her mind.

In the 2018 remaster, I gutted the core of the story and replaced it with, more-or-less the conversation Ballista has with Silky about what Britannia is and what her role as Queen will entail, and ended it with a lot of tell about nobles being unkind towards Eon, but no show. Thatís what I wanted to fix in this version.

So, Eonís World Vol. 1 basically eliminates the entire 2003 version of this story and only salvages two scenes from the 2018 version. Everything else is new. I didnít want it to just be a lore dump explaining what kind of nation Britannia is, because thatís not interesting storytelling, but since I hadnít actually shown Eon experiencing bigotry at the hands of the nobility in the 2018 version, just had Silky talk about it, I decided to expand the story that way. The original was only a single page, but this version is six pages, equivalent to two of the original. Well, two of the original in terms of the number of panels, probably considerably more in terms of the amount of dialogue.

Anyway, on Monday we shall be rejoining Knuckles!

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